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Mercator 2012 vzw werd opgericht door de gemeenten Sint-Niklaas en Kruibeke, de Koninklijke Oudheidkundige Kring van het Land van Waas, Schelderijk Mercatoria en de provincie Oost-Vlaanderen in samenwerking met Havenbedrijf Antwerpen, Maatschappij Linkerscheldeoever, Interwaas en Toerisme Waasland vzw en wordt ondersteund door de Vlaamse overheid - Toerisme Vlaanderen


MERCATOR MUSEUM SINT-NIKLAASK.O.K.W. SteM Mercatormuseum Sint-Niklaas© Mercatormuseum - SteM Sint-Niklaas

Highlight objects in our collection.
Starting Sunday March 24 the renewed Mercator Museum is open for the public. All digitalized and interactive presentation modules that had been designed for the great commemorating exhibition ‘Mercator Digitaal’ have been inserted in the refreshed interior of this unique museum.

The treasure room of the Old Cartography department was upgraded with some surprising new maps and objects. Three of our exhibited masterpieces received their official recognition with the ‘High Value Masterpiece’ label from the Flemish Government during the festive year 2012.

So now just as impressive but even more proudly presented than before, we invite you to visit our museum and enjoy the original 1541 Mercator Earth Globe and the 1551 Mercator Celestial Globe. The extremely fragile originals, which are now specially lit with LED lights as well as the digitalized versions displayed on our state of the art projection screens.

Cartography and craftsmanship
Mostly in the renaissance, but certainly in case of Mercator, work as a scientist and work as a craftsman went hand in hand. There is no point in arguing about the artistic quality of beautiful man-drawn maps nor about the undeniable brilliance of those high quality printed maps Mercator, his contemporaries and his successors created.

The Mercator Museum brings the plan to execution to restore this connection. Next to the historical en cartographical level, they’re bringing in contemporary art. In 2013 they start off with the project of Inge Panneels, their first Artist In Residence.

In 2012 Inge Panneels worked on a series of cartography related glass objects, which are now gathered in a superb exhibition.


Mercator Digitaal - Mercatormuseum Sint-Niklaas

Europe on the map
As an international oriented cartographer Gerhard Mercator had a tremendous impact on the way Europe was portrayed on the maps, starting with his map of Europe dated 1554. The Mercator Museum wishes to explore their ‘European’ connection. Every six months we will focus on a new European country by showing the way Mercator has put it on the map. Guided by the rotating presidency of the European Union, the first Member State presented is Ireland. Later this year it will be Lithuania’s turn.

At this moment we are still working on an educational Europe Info Center, but feel free to inform about the already available educational workshops ( in Dutch).
The Mercator Museum also specializes in highbrow of popular lectures on cartographic topics.
Mostly our lectures are held in Dutch. But coming May 7th 2013 we’re glad to invite you for ‘History of the world in 12 maps & Irish cartography’, a lecture in English by professor Jerry Brotton!

Where can you find us?
Mercator Museum
Zamanstraat 49
Entrance Zamanstraat ( park side ) // On a 5 minute walk from the train station

logo Mercatormuseum SteM Sint-NiklaasK.O.K.W. - Mercatormuseum SteM Sint-Niklaaslogo Stad Sint-Niklaas

Tuesday to Saturday 14.00 – 17.00
On Sundays 11.00 – 17.00

Information in Dutch? Here!
Tip! Feel free to ask more information at the City Tourist Office. They will gladly assist you in arranging your visit.

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